LUDOWIDE is the first service of its kind, proud to be providing the foremost support to young people in the fields of mentoring and tutoring.

LUDOWISE is a team of academics researching the world’s best practice in developmental psychology. We are building an archive of case-studies, showcasing how we have helped young people and their families. Our researchers are driving our training programme to be at the forefront of child mentoring.

research team



Dr Leila Jameel, holds a BSc, MSc and PhD from UCL in the field of Psychology and Cognitive Neuroscience, and is currently training to become a Clinical Psychologist. She has conducted research in the area of social development and social functioning in various clinical disorders and also in healthy young people and adults. She has also contributed to research projects in the NHS and the third sector to help to monitor, evaluate and/or develop services. She also spent three months at the Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology (POST) as a research fellow during her postgraduate studies, conducting two research projects and briefings exploring the developments within the field of criminal justice, in order to inform policy-makers.



Fatima has a first degree in clinical psychology and an MSc in developmental psychology from UCL. Her MSc thesis focused on imprisoned mothers’ reflective functioning in the face of impending separation from their babies. Fatima is also a trained therapist with a diploma in integrative psychotherapy. She is currently undertaking a PhD at UCL and her research focuses on risk and resilience within the context of preventative maltreatment interventions. Fatima works as a freelance researcher with a focus on social policy and developmental psychology and one example of her work includes co-authoring a report for the Social Mobility Commission on helping parents to drive upward social mobility in children’s early years.



Sara De Felice has graduated in Psychology from Aston University, in Birmingham. She holds a MSc in Mind and Brain Sciences from UCL and a MSc in Neuroscience of integrative biology from Sorbonne Universités and École Normale Supérieure in Paris. She has conducted an extensive literature review as well as original research on a population with a rare metabolic condition to investigate the effect of dysfunctional metabolism on cognitive development. She is currently enrolled in a Doctoral Training Programme at UCL founded by the Leverhulme Trust: during her PhD she aims to understand how the brain develops and works in the real world. She believes this is the first step towards building a society where young brains can develop healthy and to their full potential.