Our mentors guide young people through the complex challenges of childhood and adolescence.

They provide

sustainable and reliable skillsets

to face challenges
with confidence.

Instead of waiting to 'pick up the pieces', when it might be too late, our mentors join the journey early, coming alongside young people and helping them steer a course through the challenges they face.

Drawing on our expertise in child psychology and wide experience in children's social, emotional and educational wellbeing, our mentors provide each child with a framework of skills, attitudes and strategies that enables them not simply to cope with life's pressures but to thrive.

Our mentors are inspiring role models, full of positivity, creativity and kindness.
We support children through times of vulnerability such as family breakdown, relocation, illness and mental health, when learning at school is difficult. We mentor young people to adapt to change and to new technololgies with growing confidence and mastery.

We steer fragile children to a place of confidence in their unique talents and gifts.
We believe that creativity, art, the natural world, physical activity and cultural engagement reignite hope and self-reliance.

We know that effective learning needs kindness, fun and laughter.

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